Who is this guy?


Dec 3, 2020
Hi-I'm new to the forum, and to chickens for that matter, so please forgive my ignorance
. We have a small 3 acre "farm" in N. Calif.. We have 10 hens and a dwarf Cochin rooster whose primary function is to make us laugh.
The other day a beautiful rooster flew down (he can fly with ease) from one of our trees. We tried to locate his owner to no avail. He stays away from our other birds and we think that we'd like to keep him. Can any of you be so good as to help identify his breed? Thanks so much, Alan
If its a game rooster he might want to fight with the silly cochin rooster you already have. I don’t know if 10 hens are enough to avoid problems. But you let them free don’t you? That really helps. Do keep an eye 👁 out and think about what you want to do if he gets mean.

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