Who killed my chickies?!?

Mar 9, 2018
Last night something got into the coop and drug off 2 of my 5 week old longhorn pullets....on the property there are 3 dogs...a year ago one went psychotic and ate around 8 easter egger hens. These were babies, and not eaten. Just mauled. Found a hole under our privacy fence something couldve come under...but why not eat them? How did i miss my roosters going crazy? Maybe they were already out of the chicken wire. The dog i mentioned beforehand has since behaved himself but his owners have been gone for a couple days...acting out? Idk...just devastated
Sadly last week I lost Fleur, my lovely sussex chicken. Whilst I was out at work a large dog got into the garden from next door and killed her, it was so horrible to find her body still warm and if only I had got home just half an hour earlier? My other two girls had also completely disappeared and I couldnt find them anywhere. As you can imagaine I was completely distraught. There were no feathers, nothing and the not knowing was the worst. I kept going to the coop expecting to see them there but by night fall nothing. I left the door open more because I didnt want to believe they were gone. That night my husband came to bed and said that a neighbour had posted on facebook they had found a little red chicken, my Rosie and was keeping her safe, i hardly went back to sleep that night wondering if she was really OK but very worried as to what had happened to Geraldine, my plymouth rock. Next morning I got up early to go and collect Rosie, opened my back door and looked towards the coop and there was Geraldine. When she came home I dont know but I have never been so hapoy see her. She looked so alone though but then my neighbour brought Rosie home, she was not happy in a cat basket and making quite a racket and was soon back to her normal self. Unfortunately Geraldine is really mourning Fleur, they did everything together and were the best of friends, Rosie is a very independant and confident chicken and it hasnt bothered her. I couldnt stand to see Geraldine so lonely so went to the market on Saturday and bought a replacement Fleur and another little Rhodie and it really seems to be helping her. Rosie however had created like I have never seen before and has been quite aggresive to them. I kept them seperate the first day giving Rosie the freedom of the garden whilst the newbies stayed in The run but could all see each other. The first night I waited until dark to put them all on the roost together and today life has been a little quieter, not perfect but they seem to be getting on although Rosie will still show them who's boss occasionally. Tomorrow they will all have to stay inThe coop all day together so I hope there will not be too much bossiness going on. I think Geraldine still pines for Fleur as she is so very quiet but the new girl lookalike is definately helping her. I really hope that soon They will all be good friends
I hope so as well...i am sure your loves will come together as a flock soon. I know my roosters are highly on guard today, they made it difficult to put fresh feed and water in with the babies today. Hopefully this will not happen again. My kids found their poor little bodies :(

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