Who laid the egg? other ways to tell besides comb/wattles?


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Jul 7, 2009
Lately only 2 of our ladies have been laying regularly. One standard and one bantam. Today however, I checked for eggs, there were none, left the house for an hour and came back to 2 bantam eggs. I have no idea who else could be laying. It looks just like the little off white egg that my banty cochin usually lays, but there were two. My Buff orp lays bigger brown eggs, and I would assume that her offspring would lay the same (the buff orp pullet is about 6mos, i think)? No one else is as red in the comb/wattles as the usual two, and no one else squats like them. so how else would I know?

Since it's not from my BO it could be anyone (her and her pullet are the only standards in my flock). The rest of them have been molting ever since we got them (in Aug).
I thought that, and I know that they start out smaller, but would it be a different color as well. The BO lays brown eggs, but this one almost white in color, the same as my banty cochin lays.

Here's an example of the two: the lighter one is similar to the mystery egg from today, only it was tinier.

I had the same situation. When I first got my Delawares and Buff Orpingtons last year, I also had some Red Stars laying at the time. The eggs were lighter but just almost as big. They got browner over time, so it was propbably your standard pullets first egg.
Soooo, comb/wattle development is not a factor? My standard pullet's comb's/wattles are barely visible (though she could be old enough). Actually, no one has real comb/wattles showing....

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