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Ok i am currently Thinking about offering Wordpress themes (custom of course) for a fair price. Just wanting to know if any BYC'ers would be interested?? It would be a one off deal, as you could create all your pages, edit it etc. (ps i am not sure so if i well so i just want to see if i should start work on my own theme framework or not).
Just gonna give a helpful little tip -

Themes for things like Wordpress don't sell as well as you might hope. If you want to sell themed templates, the best out there are CSS Templates for websites in general. People want to create websites for their businesses every day, but don't know where to begin or how to do it, and don't want hassle. The easiest solution is selling them a CSS Template you wrote up. And a good beginning to that is actually offering a couple free, see how it goes, then work from there.

Facebook, MySpace, etc - Those would probably be another place for themes that would sell better. Wordpress is mainly a blogging platform, and has too much competition with Blogspot, so I don't know if there's enough people who want to pay for a theme.

Just helping.
I don't mean to crash the party, I know you'll get people and I'd love to see some of the themes you do, but if you want to expand to get more business, there's a bigger world than Wordpress. I wouldn't be someone to raise my hand, but that's because I design and script myself.
Now it's odd that you say that.... Wordpress is not a bloging platform anymore
Green Fire Farms use wordpress! And i know a few other sites that use word press and are swtiching over to word press.

I could sell CSS templates but that means people who buy them have to know what there doing. Plus i am more of a logic thinker then a desinger.
Wordpress hosts now... People were bailing from blogspot left and right.

I use it, but I use their regular blogging platform. It sucks at times, but
everyone has their pros and cons.

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