Whoa, she can fly she can fly she can fly......

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  1. ThinkingChickens

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    Feb 18, 2011
    Up until now our girls have stayed on the ground. They have a large lower yard to free range and though they occasionally have gotten on top of the Eglu run, they haven't got in the tree or over the fence or anything. The run is only 2 feet off the ground. Well, last night I was sitting on the deck reading my Country Living when Mabel, my Delaware, went from the top of the run (2' high) all the way on to the deck railing (10' high). I was shocked. She looked at me for a few seconds (she's not laying yet, so the least friendly) and then jumped down, gliding to the ground fairly gracefully. Holy heck! Guess some chickens have better flight genes than others.
  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
    South Georgia
    I once watched a frightened Leghorn fly about 10' or 12' above the ground, completely horizontal, for about 40' -- which ended with her crashing into a wall. (No, she wasn't hurt, amazingly.) I have a 6' tall fence around my large chicken yard. Mine rarely try to get out (or in) but it has happened a few times, when one got caught outside accidentally, or when a rooster wanted out to get away from the dominant roo. I have watched them half climb, half fly to get over the fence, climbing with their feet and flapping their wings madly. Quite a sight.

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