Whole flock is sick...Please help!

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    Mar 25, 2017
    Hey BYC members! I really need some advice....
    Sorry if this gets confusing lol.

    Okay so, about a week ago i realized that 1 of my 2 chicks was a rooster, I went to my nearby poultry store to exchange as where i live i cannot have roosters. When i got there, the store only had day old chicks. My chick, being a month old, would not be very nice to a day old chick. The man at the store gave me a cute little 2 month old New Hampshire red. (who i named Eleanor) She looked a little pale and had diarrhea (which assumed was due to the conditions she was being kept in) but seemed to be healthy. When i got home, i brought the original chick (Stella) and Eleanor outside to meet each other. Everything was fine.

    Every now and again i would let the big girls out to free range and put the little ones in the run.

    After about a week of doing this i noticed Stella had a crusty, clogged nose and her eyes were all bubbly. Eleanor's nose was a little crusty but not bad. So i took them both inside and cleaned there nose each day.

    Last week i began to introduce the little ones to the big chickens. All was fine, a little fighting and feather picking but nothing crazy.

    At this point Eleanor and Stella's noses were no longer running very much.

    Eleanor and Stella were living inside at night but going outside during the day.

    All the chickens were sneezing at this point but i wasn't worried because my older flock has been sneezing for awhile.

    Now is where i just don't know what to do.

    I noticed all the bigger girls had crusty, runny noses, one chicken face was swollen, and all of the bigger girls sound like the have a bunch of flem in there throat. Once this was happening, the younger ones had already been sleeping in the coop with the big girls. Their condition has been the same for the past few days.

    Today though, each of the bigger girls, (Not The Younger Girls) sound horrible. They are coughing, sneezing, and they sound like they are having trouble breathing. Their noses are running but they aren't crusty.

    PLEASE HELP! I love these girls and i really want to help them. A vet would be hard to get but if y'all think its necessary i might be able to work something out. Any natural remedies? Any info on what might be wrong would be so helpful. Thanks.[​IMG]
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    Feb 1, 2017
    Take someone to the vet. You may need to get medication depending on what they have.
    I'm so sorry everyone is sick, but hopefully a vet can help.

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