Whoot it is here Updated with a temp ??


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Feb 21, 2009
Columbia river gorge
Oh yeah my ups dude finally deliverd my bator , I will more then likely be on in a few hours wondering what the heck to do with this or that but atm it seems easy and strait forward .

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Just a little giant still air .

Ok so my first question is , the instuctions dosnt say what temp for the bator but does have a list of temps for certian types of eggs .
I remmber reading sevral times that still air are sapose to be 101-102 and ones with a fan 99-100
is that accurate? and why is there a temp diffrance if it is?
So far looks like the lowest it drops is 98.4 and the highest it goes is 101.7 is this alright and I am of course gonna let it run longer and see.
Ok after about 3 hours my temp has stoped flucating really and has settled to 100.6-100.7 hasnt gone higher or lower then that for about 30 minutes so far.
Is this an ok temp for a still air little giant incubator or not?
I have the therm that came with it < I hear its no good > I have an therm / humidity thing , and a Digital reptile therm that has a probe i can put in on the eggs or what not and the face you look at is outside .
The therm that came with it has stayed around 102
the therm with the humidity thing has said between 98-102
and the digital one was staying pretty much at about 100.6 <getting as low as 100.3 and as high as 100.8>

Its been running for about 4 and a half hours now

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