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Why are my Turkeys Panting?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by ChickenChaser, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. ChickenChaser

    ChickenChaser Hatching

    Aug 10, 2008
    Sunny Florida
    Hi to All
    I am new to your site and I need a little help. I have started to raise three standard bronze turkeys. I ended up with two toms and one hen. I am concerned because they look like they are always panting. They have an automatic watering bowl. I do understand that the heat could play a part in this. I live in Florida and it is peak heat right how. They are in complete shade. I just want to know if this is normal and that is how they cool off or if there might be a problem. They are gaining weight just fine. They were hatched in the midle of April. They seem healthy and friendly. Thanks for your input.[​IMG]
  2. ibpboo

    ibpboo Where Chickens Ride Horses

    Jul 9, 2007
    always changing
    May be the heat. My chickens pant when it is really hot. Try giving them cold watermelon or other fruits. Its just a way to keep cool, like dogs pant when they are hot.
  3. SterlingAcres

    SterlingAcres Songster

    Apr 17, 2008
    Poconos, PA
    Most likely the heat. Get them cool quick. I've watched our tom turkey drop dead from heat stroke in our backyard. Not a fun sight. [​IMG]
  4. Mahonri

    Mahonri Urban Desert Chicken Enthusiast Premium Member

    May 14, 2008
    North Phoenix
    My Coop
    Florida + August= TOO HOT.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2008
  5. the1much

    the1much Currently Birdless Hippy

    ya their panting like a dog,,, since they cant sweat thats all they have to do,,,usually when their panting they have their wings held out from their bodies for the "breeze" to blow through,,hehe [​IMG]
  6. ChickenChaser

    ChickenChaser Hatching

    Aug 10, 2008
    Sunny Florida
    Thanks for the input. You all seem to agree that the heat is the problem. I figured as much but wanted to be sure. So thanks. We put a utlility fan out there to give them a breeze and some watermelon and icecubes. They seem to like the treats. Thanks again![​IMG]
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2008
  7. NoelTate

    NoelTate Songster

    Apr 8, 2008
    Mobile, AL
    Mine does the same thing. I think it's just the heat. I took him out of the coop and put him in the back yard where he would have more space and be able to find cool spots. So far, it seems his favorite is sitting in the bird bath looking in the kitchen window! lol Cute, but makes a nasty mess in the back yard, so he is moving this week to a friend's house who has a much larger pen where he will have more space and be happier.

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