Why aren’t my chickens laying yet???


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May 7, 2020
Hi there! So, question...
I have 7 hens. 2 Cali whites, 2 black sex links and 3 Boven Browns. they are 18+ weeks (or should be) and they are not laying nor showing any interest in laying.
I started filling their nesting boxes with pine shavings to help encourage the instinct to lay.But I discovered that they are digging it out of their nesting boxes and sleeping on it instead.
what am I doing wrong? Is it their diet? I’m feeding them Dumar Starter/finisher until the first egg shows. Is that correct?
is there something else I can put in the nesting box to help them want to lay?
please help! Thanks



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Jul 3, 2016
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The messing up of nest boxes is a good thing, means they're considering the nests for use.

Their sleeping in the nests is not, and you need to take steps to train them out of it now, before eggs come. Block off nests before dark to keep them out. If they're not all roosting yet, manually place them on the roosts to show them that's where they need to go.

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