Why chicken math is crazy!

Oct 12, 2017
So..... I received 18 chicks by mail. Let's just say, I lost three in the beginning. So I got three Rouen ducklings. Then I lost another chick, so I needed more to support my business. Today I went and got six more chicks! I started with 18 chicks and nine fully grown chickens. Now I have 20 chicks, three ducklings, and 9 adult chickens! Love chicken life! :)
My chicken math skills are improving too!
I wanted 4 pullets to start, got them in November. Then I planned to add 4 more every year after each year passes keeping a good rotation of ages.
So, January I discover one of my Lavender Orpingtons is a rooster. I trade him back to my breeder for 2 pullets, 2 because my LO was twice the price of the pullets I chose. Yay me I now have 5!
So. A week ago the other Lavender Orpington, my favorite sweetheart, crowed. No way I'm trading this one. I call the breeder to let him know this development. He is flabbergasted that he made a gender mistake not once but twice and both in the same flock. He offers me a free pullet as compensation. Yay me I'll have 6!
So. One should never introduce a single chook to an established flock. They need a companion. Guess I'll buy one more. Yay me. I'll have 7.
So. The ones I have my eye on, there are 3. If I take 2 the third will be left alone. I need to decide if I should buy the third one too making it 8, or go with different pullets.
Yay me.
They say practice makes perfect...glad to read about all this math practice :lol:

P.S. @Cryss re: your last "so" statement, I say get all 3 because 8 is a good round number!

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