Why do my chickens seem so interested in the inside of my house?


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Oct 3, 2021
Over the course of the multiple years I’ve had chickens, they’ve always had a fascination with looking inside my house’s windows and into the house. I let my chickens free range most of the time and they often stand or sit down right outside of the door. Do they just like being on the porch or do they want to see inside? Do they feel safer when they know I am in the house and therefor am closer to them when they are outside the door? Are they curious about why and how whenever I go out to see them I come through one of ny two house doors? I’ve brought some of my chickens inside the house through the door before, maybe they want to live inside with me (haha). Does anyone know why they look through the windows and into the house? Just curiosity? Does anyone know why they like to sit on the porch? Here are pictures of them.


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Just as humans like watching chickens, chickens like watching humans, dogs, anything going on inside, etc. Even though my birds are in a run they tend to gravitate towards the direction I'm working in when I'm outside, and some will follow one of my dogs around the perimeter when he goes over to say hi.

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