Why do my hens cluck and crow randomly really loud sometimes?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Farmer Mike S, May 25, 2014.

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    Oct 18, 2012
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    I have 5 hens, definite hens. Sometimes during the day most of them if not all of them are really loud. This is sometimes at sunrise, but happens randomly sometimes like right now. They will cluck continuously and crow really loud. They are contained to a run right now because of some persistent predators, but the run is spacious enough.
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    Apr 29, 2014
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    its how chickens talk and communicate their feelings. they do this and its a normal thing, especially if someone's found something ( like a juicy worm) or has laid an egg. however a crow in a hen is not normal, is she growing spurs and still laying? it can happen in hens but is more common in chicks who are near pol ( especially in some breeds) its usualy in hens that have taken over the dominant role or role of the rooster, it can also be a hormone imbalance though you do not say what breed or how old they are. if they are laying an done is crowing then you can try shutting them in at night and letting them out in the morning when it is appropriate time for such crowing
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    Hens can make noises for all sorts of reasons. For example, we just turned another stall into a big coop. Our big girls are a still a little confused because this will be their new coop. I started to walk out there a little while ago and heard one of my girls crying like she was dying. My dog even took off to the coops thinking something was wrong. Come to find out, she was in the new coop and couldn't figure out how to get to her friends. I carried her over and she quieted down right away. So they will make noises if they're trying to find each other, before, during and after laying eggs, talking to each other, getting after each other, warning of predators etc.
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    Mine are really loud every time they see me. It looks like they come to the door of the run and are yelling, "Come on over here and give us some treats!" Some breeds are just naturally more talkative than others too. You will hear when they are too hot, too bored, or just found a worm. It's normal.
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  5. My 5 chicks - about 20 weeks old - (only 1 is laying) - are generally pretty quiet... But lately, I've noticed they will occasionally start squalking in the middle of the day really loud! The dog & I run out there and they're like... "Hey! How ya doing!!!" It makes me laugh, and they all run over to see me -which is nice... but it's kinda like crying wolf. It usually happens in late morning, after I've gone inside & my chores are done, & they've been fed, watered & had a treat.
    I usually provide something for them to do... like hanging an ear of corn, or cucumber in the run for them to keep busy with. My 1 layer does have her little 'Egg Song"... and I know what that is... but I'm really not sure - when they have a good size run -6'x14'... and all their needs are being met... why they do that?? I love spending time with them out at the coop, and out there working in my gardens... so I'm around a lot... Just puzzling!

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