Why do they do that?

Evan Fisher

In the Brooder
Oct 15, 2018
So I have noticed that when I check on my chickens and give them food and water, the bigger ones like to peck and chase the smaller ones. The bigger ones seem almost jealous of the smaller ones. Once, when it was raining the bigger ones refused to go into the coop with the smaller ones and forced us to pick them one by one up and move them to the chicken coop. Our chicken coop is built so they can walk outside in a fenced and roofed area, and walk back into a shaded chicken coop. But they won't. Only the little ones will. I realize that every time I walk out the big ones greet me and the small ones rush out and get food and water. I think they only get water when they know I'm there to protect them. Well, if you can help me find a way to get them used to each other and learn that they aren't enemies, that would be great. thanks!
Bantams often get a hard time of it when mixed with heavy breeds. Just ensure there are multiple feeding stations and waterers to ensure the smaller members of the flock can access resources more easily.
When mingling batches that weren't raised together it take time. Provide multiple feeding stations. As long as the pecking isn't drawing blood it's all normal. Things should settle down after they all mature.
Ok thanks! We have a separate food source for the little ones but not a separate water. I'll work on that! And there is no blood, so thanks!

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