Why does it always happen in May?


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Jul 12, 2010
North Eastern Arizona
Well Folks, there must be something in the air in May. We have been raising chickens for three years now, and for the last two years in May we lose a chicken. Last year over Memorial Weekend we lost Ms. New Mexico, our EE hen. Last night we lost Broody. I have know idea what kind of chicken she was. We rescued her from the feed store three years ago, and because all the chicks were jumping into each others bins employees weren't sure what she was. She was either a White Rock or Broiler, she laid light brown eggs if anyone once to figure out what she could have been. We named her Broody because her first winter she went broody, and again the following spring. We let her sit on three eggs then, and they all hatched. Too bad they were all roosters.
Anyway, I am at a loss as to why we loose chickens in May. Here are some pictures of Broody.

This was taken when we brought her and two friends home. They had been pecked by other chicks at the store.

Here they are at two months old. The one in back is a Leghorn.

Three months old.

Broody is broody at a year old.

She was a good mom. These chicks were not from her eggs but are from some of our other hens.

We learned a lot from her while she was broody, and then as a mom. She will be missed.

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