Why Does My Chicken Sound Like It Has A Kazoo In Its Nose?

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    Tonight, my 15 week old pullet sounded like it had a kazoo in its nose.

    All my other birds are fine, and this particular bird does not have any discharge coming out of either end of its body.

    She seems perfectly healthy and was eager to eat and drink when separated from the flock tonight. However, she is breathing very loudly out of her nose. Her lungs are completely clear and there is no chest rattling. There also does not seem to be anything stuck in her throat or obstructing her airway. She is not gasping at all, just has this loud buzzing sound when she breathes.

    Any ideas what this is?

    She is separated from everyone else, she was vaccinated as a chick (she came from a hatchery in June).

    I am guessing I will just wait and see what shape she is in tomorrow before I decide a further course of action.

    Can chickens develop allergies? I have been downing Claritin like a meth factory lately because they started harvesting corn and soybeans by us, which have set off my allergies like white on rice.

    I am just very puzzled. My biosecurity is subpar because we live on a real island, so our poultry mingles freely with wild ducks and geese (of which we have had cases of fowl cholera over the years, but this is not that since those birds got very sick and smelly, very fast).
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    Mine did that a couple of weeks ago -- sounded like she was honking. And she happens to be separated too -- happily roaming around my kitchen when I am home, so it isn't like she's stuck off my herself. She made this unexpected noise most of an afternoon and I've never heard it since.

    What I have been hearing is the egg song. Good grief, what a racket!


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