Why does my duck have such a pale yellow beak?


10 Years
Dec 17, 2009
Rocky Point, NC
My duck has a very pale yellow colored beak. She is laying. I also have a 8 week old duck that also has a pale yellow beak and she isn't laying. I have one other duck (girl) that has a bright yellow beak and is not laying. All the boys have bright yellow beaks too. I'm keeping the boys and girls separated at the moment. The 2 girls will be a year old in June along with the boys.

They eat flock raiser. The 8 week old gets the starter grower. They will eat scratch with BOSS in the afternoons. Sometimes they don't eat it sometimes they do. They also have fresh water daily. I have tossed them some lettuce lately but not much else. I hope the two with the pale beaks are healthy. They act it.
I have fawn and white Indian Runners.

Here is a picture of her with the pale colored beak.


This next picture has some ducks with the bright colored beaks.

I don't have a picture of the 7 week old duck. It's as pale as the one in the first picture.
I have a Pekin duck with a really pale beak, paler then yours and one with a really orange beak. They eat the same stuff and both are healthy
Thanks. I was just wondering because before she was laying her beak was bright yellow. It's very pale now. She is acting fine other then she likes to sleep a lot.

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