why does my turner say it holds 41 eggs?


10 Years
Apr 13, 2009
spokane, wa
i have a hovabator incubator and turner and the box for the turner says it holds 41 eggs. but there is 4 rows with 7 holes each. now i may not be too good at math... but i am not that bad! so tell me how they think i can fit 41 eggs in 28 holes?
There should be 7 racks with 7 holes each...which actually equals 42, but they say not to put one nearest the turner motor b/c it gets so hot. You might be missing some racks.
well that stinks! hmmm, darn it all. and of course i never noticed before because i never had it full.... gosh should i try to complain to the feed store where i got it? fyi i got it 2 months ago.
LOL, you're right...I'm not awake yet. (I work nights, so I just got up!)

I would contact them and just see what they say.
oh i think i know what i did wrong... when i got it i accidentally got the goose one so it had the wire baskets on it too. i just took them off and didn't think twice about it.... i bet goose ones only come with 4 racks.... i wonder if i order more, if they would get here before the eggs i have coming?

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