why has george quit crowing?


8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
i have been noticing here lately that george my cuckoo maran hasnt been crowing. he is going on about 5 months old. there are 2 other roos and he is at the bottom of the chain. could that be why? is he unhappy?
Mine stopped crowing also (Little Dutch Roo) and then I noticed his comb is dark purple. I did research and discovered he has a heart condition and he is not well at all. I hope yours is just a heirachy issue
I had two roosters in the same pen and one was intimidated by the other and had stopped crowing for some time. I split the flock and gave each his own "girls" and my littlest roo, Freddy, started crowing again literally within minutes of having his own pen/ladies.

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i kinda thought he may be unhappy cause there are 2 other roos and he is at the bottom of the pecking order. he used to crow. he was feeling a little sluggish weeks back but seems all healthy now. he is definitely the underdog. also he doesnt have a long flowing tail. why? he did have one long feather now its gone. he looks like a giant hen.
Something is going on with your guy. He needs to be quarantined and evaluated for a disease. If he starts crowing the moment he is separated you can be pretty sure he's being super dominated by the other roosters, and your facility lacks space for him to claim as his own. If this is the case, he's being a smart rooster and keeping beak shut. Otherwise keep him quarantined and look for signs of illness. Losing his tail feathers could be signs of molting or parasites.
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well i have george and all the hens out together right now and the other 2 roos in the chicken run. now crowing. he is after the girls some though. but no crowing. i should have said he has a tail but the short feathers. the long feath
ers are gone and he only had one. here is a pic of him i took just a few min ago. he acts healthy.
George looks like a very manly hen!

This is a close up of my manly pullet:

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I ended up with 5 roos this year, 2 bantams and 3 LF. One of the bantams became the head roo. After I sold the 3 LF the other bantam began crowing too.
Now they seem to share responsibilty for the 19 hens.Out of the 5 only the bantam and a EE roo were crowing before.Now in their new homes they are the
lead roos and all are crowing.

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