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    Nov 27, 2010
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    on alot of the threads i read i hear about everyones excess birds being put on craigslist and having great success doing so but when ever i have excess birds i need to get rid of and i put them on craigslist i get no calls or emails at all. ive put silkies on there, light brahmas on there, EEs on there and nothing. what is up with that? [​IMG] lol
  2. kuntrygirl

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    Can you post some of your ads here so that we can take a look at them? Are you posting pics of your birds? Where do you live?
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    Sep 24, 2010
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    Has a lot to do with location. We decided to get rid of all our chickens. We had a good mix and they haven't laid since October. We don't use very many eggs anymore so they were very cost ineffective. We put them in for 5.00 each or 50.00 for all. We had 13. Twelve people replied. We went in order of response. The 1st five all made plans to meet us and didn't show. Some even e-mailed or called with excuses and can you hold them. After 7 days the 6th guy who only lived around 3 miles away showed up. He had lost his whole flock to a fox and was going to start with chicks in March. He was very happy to get a nice flock from us. They all looked very nice. The rooster was a beautiful EE.

    Craigs List is full of wacky inconsiderate people. There are good ones mixed in. How much are you charging? You might be high for your area or you may need to come down some to get people to go the extra mile. Our flock had a mix of 1,2,3 year olds. Some people just don't place the value on chickens that other people do.
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    Oh I feel your pain! Everytime I list birds I get flagged, and yes I have read and read the guidelines, still, every time! I gave up. So far I ahve been able to find homes through word of mouth [​IMG]
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    I have only used Craigs List to rehome three roosters two different time. I was not trying to sell them I just had too many for my small flock. I live in the St. Louis region and see adds for chickens quite often. I recieved calls right away but again I was not selling them just rehoming them.

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