why is my 9 week old silkie only walking backwards??????????????

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by wannabchick, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Okay, I've watched her as you all suggested.. remember I am the one, that asked.. whats up with her, why is she cowering around the water and just litterally sitting in it.. I thought is she being picked on by her roomates? finally had enough and picked her up and moved her into the box with the 2 week olds.. watched a couple of days.. and they dont seem bothered by her, and she sure isnt bothered by them.. SHE JUST DOESNT MOVE MUCH!!!!

    Then tonight, picked her up put her on the floor.. and instead of again.. walking towards something to get away.. she just like.. walks backwards to go hide..

    Then put her back into now.. a completely seperate brooder box.. by herself/ if she is a she..
    Oh and she is now 9 weeks old.. I got her Dec 22nd..
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    AWWWWW!!!![​IMG] I had a silkie that did the same last Spring. Turned out her head/brain had probably been damaged by another chick in the brooder or she banged her head on something. Silkies have almost no bony skull. Their brains are highly vaulted and have just a membrane covering under the skin and feathers.

    You can google silkie crookneck, wryneck, head injuries...and you will find tons of information for treatment. For the immediate time I would get her started on some Polyvisol childrens liquid vitamin drop (be sure to get the ones without iron). If you're up to it you'll fond info on dosing some prednisone, a steroid, to reduce the swelling of the brain. Just be aware however, that prednisone is an immunosuppressant. Our silkie recovered from the brain injury only to die from a case of pneumonia.
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    Does she bob her head at all?

    I had a 4 week old chick do that and I had to give him a vitamin boost. I gave him some liquid baby vitamins (no iron) and used a dropper on his beak. Within 2 days he was back to normal.
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    thank you.. the two of you for hopping on and helping me... at first, watching I didnt think.. anything.. then the more she/he started doing it.. its like I would test her.. last night, pick her up take her out of the box.. put on floor... backwards... again and again..

    I dont see where her neck is crooked, she doesnt seem to eat or drink now.. at least I dont see her doing it.. I did take the polyvisol and put it on her beak.... and will do it again

    poor thing... I feel awful, because I dont want to loose her

    thank you all for your love and support for chickens!!!!!

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