Why is my chicken honking ?


May 10, 2015
So. I have 10 pullets. Or so I think. And when I go to pick them up they all peep and cheep. But one honks!! That's the only way I can think to explain the sound. They are 9 weeks old. Do roosters honk? Or do I just have a wanna be duck on my hands? Lol
Rooster chicks do sometimes make a different noise than the pullets. I don't know if I would describe it as honking. :) A lower clucking sound.
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Hahah yeah I'm new to chickens. I guess I could also say it's a fast deeper honk/bock. The other ones still just sound high pitch and sweet. Cheep cheep peep peep. Thank for your reply!!
Good luck with your new flock! Welcome to the addiction.
My chicks are 4 months old now and they started honking about a month ago. To the best of my knowledge they are all female.

I miss the beeping/peeping, but the honking cracks me up.

This is my first flock so I have no real advice, just wanted to share that mine are honking too, albeit quite a bit older.
Mine all did that at around 3-4 months old. I've got a wyandotte who's been honking for about a week, she's just short of 4 months old. I presume it's just their little chicken voices changing, and the honking is the intermediary between the peeps and the clucks.
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