Why is nothing EVER simple?!? (rant)

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    Apr 3, 2008
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    So last month our faithful old tv died, forcing us to upgrade because all they seem to sell now is HD. So we made the jump. And it really was pretty painless (just like y'all said it would be). The set has a good pix and it even came with a coupon for a free HD upgrade from DirecTv, who is already our satellite provider. While placing the order with DirecTv they, of course, tried to talk us into all kinds of upgrades and even gave us a free 3 months of the movie channels that we don't usually watch anyhow. Total cost? An extra $10 a month. No biggie, right? So they installed everything--new dish, new receiver, made sure it all actually worked--and we've been happy as pie in the sky ever since. Until today.

    The bill arrived today.

    No free installation, no free movie channels. Instead we got billed for both. PLUS for the equipment with the recording thingey. PLUS for some wrestling package (we don't watch wrestling!). PLUS for some all-HD movie channels we didn't even know we had. Total came to just under $300. Except our receiver does not record anything--its the basic HD box and was supposed to be free with the "free" installation.

    So far my DH has been on the phone with them for about 45 minutes and he's finally starting to lose his cool. I can hear his voice rising.

    Oh, well. I actually kinda got used to not having any tv for awhile there last month. I supposed I can get used to it again if he throws all their junk out on the front lawn, which is what I can hear him threatening to do......

    Why is NOTHING ever simple anymore?!?

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    I was showing a house a couple of weeks ago, and the seller told me that he had Hughes Net already at this house when he bought it, and so he decided to stay with that . . .they told him that he needed to upgrade his equipment for $300, and he said no thanks, we will just use this one. The transformer or whatever blew up, so they told him, and when he called he got ahold of a fellow who actually worked for them and was one of their online techs, do you know what he told him? That, HN actually "blew" up that piece so he would be forced to buy all new stuff. Needless to say, he shut it all off and got a cell phone hook up system that is portable and works great. You're right, NOTHING is simple anymore. And, what is sadder you can't trust anyone either!!
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    I had bad experiences with DirectTV too, and when I finally cancelled for their refusing to fix faulty equipment, I got harassed by phone calls as much as 4 times a day asking why I cancelled, for weeks before I threatened to sue on grounds of harassment.
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    I use to get directtv through our phone company.. part of a package deal. So we get the bill from Qwest and it's exactly what they said it would be, but then direct tv also tried to bill us and it was crazy all the stuff they tried to bill us for. It took us a while to sort it out and in the end we just canceled it. We have an older tv without a converter and use netflix for watching movies. It's easy to get use to not having tv.

    You all will work it out.

    [​IMG] here's to having a better and simpler day.
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    Quote:Mom got rid of Direct TV recently as well. Had great service for YEARS and then nothing but trouble for the past year or so. She finally told them where they could stick their equipment...
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    Hubby and I have a copy/print/ship shop. We call DirectTV DirectReturnTV. Half my Fedex shipments are boxes of broken DirectTV hardware! [​IMG]

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