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11 Years
Jan 14, 2009
Why do I get the bad lot in life?!!?

My Church: Nice, albet plain place, but the people I hate. Many of them said eww (IN MY FACE) When I told them I was getting my new crop haircut. One of them pretty much FORCED me in her Communion class, regardless of my feelings. And of course, my 'friends' go to that church, more on them later.

My Family: Cool people, exept my bros. Bro 1 is annoying as all get out, he BEGS and WHINES for playtime and if he dosen't get it, you can expect more whining and sometimes hitting. Bro 2 love screaming for no reason, pinching me, and mauling. Also, Bro 1 is 6 and barely does any chores while I do tons. And Bro 2 is 3.

My Friends: ENERGY. VAMPIRES. I don't feel anything but tired when they're around. They have said eww in my face, dislike my wish to go to Japan (ZOMG BUDDISTS!!!), don't take my advice, and one of them runs a babysitting buisness, and get this: She lit a match in my home for no reason. Another one of them has said "I don't understand why my sister likes Bro1" (In his hearing, too).

My Situation: Dad is in the hospital and guess who gets the whole workload? You guessed, me. I get to watch my annoying bros for at least 3 hours everyday. It often involves dooky diaper changing and whineing. At this point, I can cook small meals, change diapers, put bros to bed, the whole nine yards.

Sorry, I just feel like letting it all out. Can I have some cake or cookies or ice cream or baked potatoes please?
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Aww kiddo! Sorry things seem so overwhelming for you right now.
Sorry you're having such a rough time!

Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot to do about the brother situation. The 6 year old is old enough to unload the dishwasher (if you have one) maybe fold towels, and things like that. The 3 yo could feed the animals.

Friends...yuck. My DD is 14 and some of her friends sound just like yours. Just jerks. I'll tell you what I tell her...try to ignore them. They aren't worth the trouble.

I was the oldest, so I know about having the responsibility falling all on you while you are still young. Hopefully, your dad will get out of the hospital soon and you can go back to being a kid again. It goes by quick, and in a few years, you'll be glad that you had to learn how to cook and take care of yourself. Trust me. Then your friends' attitudes will change when you're the only one that knows how to wash laundry or cook a meal!

Keep your chin up. It will get better! Even if it doesn't seem like it.

Bro 1? he can't. Everything is too high for him to reach, even if I DID make him get off his butt.

Bro 2 is barely speaking.

Now my friends, I can't ignore them because they go to the only good Catholic church in town, the one I go to. They see me and latch on and don't leave until I leave. I can't say please don't follow me because they'd bombard me with the why? and the and you're my friiiend.

When I was 14 my mom wrecked her car. She was in the hospital for MONTHS. I had to take care of my little brother and sister after school every day until dad got home at 7pm, do laundry, chop wood, vacuum, etc.. make dinner for my dad PLUS do my homework. Needless to say my brother was an uncooperative jerk (he was 11), my sister was a brat (she missed mom and she was only 4), and my grades were a horror.

Dad was pretty useless and just yelled all the time.

It did get better eventually, but it was too much responsibility for me at that age. I even had to take a class over. Sometimes life just happens like that unfortunately.

Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone.

Does this help?

So sorry that alot is falling on your young shoulders. I had brothers - it's what they are supposed to do - they are boys and unfortunately they act like that till about 14, then they will leave you alone and start bugging other girls!

Your Dad is probably very proud of you for holding down the fort, even if he doesn't tell you.

Your friends are being jerks. My DD had friends like that and so did I when I was your age. Some things never change, it's just the way it is

Keep up the good work and you can hold your head high and be proud of yourself for taking responsibility. Alot of kids wouldn't do half of what you are doing! I think you're great!
Thank you very much!

Yeah, my friends are total jerks, but I can't say I don't like you because Mom won't let me. And she says I have to tollerate them.

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