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Feb 28, 2009
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Why is it that so many are posting pictures of chicks asking what sex is this? I just don't understand why so many are impatient to wait. If the experts here can't tell with accuracy and the books all say you can't be sure by appearances, why are so many asking the question? Don't they believe the experts and books?
I can appreciate that. I have two rd friz bantams that crow. I'd like to get a roo for my cuckoo marans but don't want to push it. Though I am legal.

On the lighter side, I have a method for sexing.
I have 3 brooders.
In the first I put plain paper in the middle and the sports section on one side and the sale ads on the other.
When I get my chicks I put them in it. In the morning the ones on the sports section those are the roos, the ones on the sale ad are the hens.
In the second I put plain paper in the middle and on one side I put articles on the Yankees and on the other articles on the Red Sox. I put all the roos from the first brooder in and in the morning I cull all the ones on the Red Sox side and keep the ones on the Yankees side.
In the third I put plain paper in the middle and put the Walmart ads on one side and the Macy's ads on the other. In the morning I cull all the hens on the Macy's ads cause their tastes are too expensive and they'll cost alot to keep.
It's all very scientific.
I got a steer calf that I named sir loin and a ram lamb and his name is lamb chop does that count a naming them???
I got way to much livestock and poultry to start naming.. The wife is lucky that the 4 dogs have names and not dog-1 dog-2 dog-3 and dog-4.....

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