Why slow growing??


9 Years
Jul 14, 2010
Wilkesboro NC
I have been raising chickens for a good while now but am always at a loss when I see pics of some of the other BYCer's pullets/cockerals of the same age as mine. Why do my young birds seem like dwarves compared?? The bantams I understand but the LFs?? I am almost embarrassed to show pics of my birds that are the same age! What am I doing wrong?? I feed chick starter and let them free range as well as often as possible...am I missing something?
nobody have advice...?
What breeds are you talking about? If you are feeding them plenty of chick starter and then chick grower and they free-range they may just be a bird that matures slower. I have birds that will be laying at 4 months and others that wont think about it before 6 or 7 months. It really just depends on the breed. I am sure yours are fine.
Umm...don't think so? My chickens come from private breeders and many are mutts...and when compared to people on this board's mutts, mine fall far short size-wise...
at one time I thought i was feeding plenty of food to my chicks that were in with the adult birds. they were bantam size but large fowl in the fall. finally I realized the older hens were pushing the chicks away from the feeder and once I corrected that problem they caught up size wise. the next yr I did not make that mistake.

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