Why won't my Geese use their shelter?


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Jul 12, 2010
Hi Everyone,
I live in Maine and it has been raining for 3 days. It is very damp and the temp is in the high 60's and at night I have no idea. My geese are outside they have a big pool and they have a nice shelter my husband made them. I also leave my Barn door open to the tack room in case they want to go in there.
Can you tell me if we should change this shelter??? I really am not sure what geese need for housing since these are my first. So If anyone can help I would appreciate it. My plan was to bring them into the barn during the winter, BUT My chickens have just started free roaming the barn and I have cement flooring except for the horse stalls I have rubber matts. Also the hay room will have to be blocked off because they poop so much. I thought about shavings for the floor. But then I know they LOVE to be outside so the house we made them can be moved it is heavy but I could put in in my lean-too which is huge. Curious though because I keep their food in the shelter and have water right by the door. My geese come in and out of the coop as they please....they run so fast down the lawn to greet us when we get home it is adorable. But I want them to be comfortable and safe.
I would love to hear what you all think and any suggestions to change it if needed.
you can see their fanny's a little they are eating.

The shelter is made with this incredibly thick canvas material that my husband got from work. It also has steel roofing that has been doubled. It is dry, I have hay in it, and just moved it from the first spot I had it. I figured maybe they did not llike the spot???? It was next to the tree before facing forward.

Thanks everyone.

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Your shelter looks fine. They might like it better during nesting season.
My geese and ducks stay out in the rain all day, even though there are several shelters to chose from. I even put the feed tubs just inside them when the weather gets nasty. Nope- they'd rather get wet and knock on my windows all day like "Mom- why aren't you outside?"

I do lock mine up at night though- sometimes it takes 2 of us if its on the early side, but we just herd them in.

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Jul 29, 2009
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I agree - The shelter looks cozy. My ducks and geese love to be out in the rain. Since they go in to eat you know they're not spooked by it and they'll probably lay their eggs in there.


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Jul 27, 2009
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I allow my geese to be outside all day, they have access to their coop, the chickens coops, sheds and shade trees behind them. I kept them inside their coops when Hurricane Irene came through a few weeks back and they were not happy at all. They love the rain, I do make sure they are locked up safe and sound at night in their coop though. But I think their shelter looks wonderful but don't take offense to them not using it so much, they just love to be outside regardless of the weather. Mine were even out in the snow last year, but once it go to deep they were put inside for my ease of mind not because they wanted to be inside.

Good LUck and they are some lucky geese to have you as their Momma.

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Geese are waterproof. They don't have to get out of the rain.

Mine seek shelter from the sun, so they do use their shelter, but rain is just fun as far as a goose is concerned.


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Prefect weather for geese, they are not like chickens which came from warmer regions and need protection from wet. They Love wet , cool weather!!!! They may use it for laying season, but don't need anthing but a wind break during really cold snowy weather...They do have waterproof down jackets On
Mine stand in the rain with their heads pointed to the sky saying "ahhh, what a nice shower head"
My ducks love it even more.....


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Jun 28, 2011
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Just echoing what everyone else is saying but my geese would rather sleep in their pool than go inside. We lock them in the coop at night with the other birds because we have other critters who would love to eat them.


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Dec 17, 2009
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My ducks and geese just love bad weather. I have 2 shelter for them and they choose to be in the pool or sleeping at the base of a tree or next to a cinder block. They do lay their eggs in the shelter. My geese and ducks stay in the same pen overnight but free range all day. The pen is completely closed so I just secure the door. They are happy and put themselves in at night.


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Jan 28, 2010
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the shelter's really cute!

What sort of geese have you got? I've heard of Chinese and Africans getting frostbite on their bill knobs in very cold weather. But other than that - consider it. They've got long underwear made of goosedown, and they're wearing a wetsuit over that. Honestly I'm surprised they tolerate the summer heat as well as they do, no worries about winter at all!

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