Why wouldn't she be an Ameraucana?


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Mar 28, 2009
Southern Maine
Meet Bountiful.


Picture was taken a month ago before she started to lay. Her comb and muff have really come in since then.

We bought her from our local AGWAY. I think they use Ideal.

Like all hatcheries the birds are sold as Ameraucanas. I am a good BYC member and I know from the countless posts that you can't get Ameraucana from a hatchery. So, I happily buy my Easter Egger chicks looking forward to my green eggs. (Bought a brown one and a light one.)

BUT HOLD THE PHONE.... Bountiful doesn't have green legs like the other one. Her legs are slate. She is a perfect match for the Brown Red Ameraucana standard. And finally, she lays blue eggs.

So is she, or isn't she?

Her sister, Frightful, is a perfect match for the Silver standard. She has green legs and lays green eggs. She is an EE.
An EE does not have to have green legs or conform to any kind of standard, as they are a mix. Some have green legs, some have slate, yellow, pink, etc. They can also come in any color/pattern and lay any color egg. The pattern exhibited by your bird is common in EEs. Unfortunately, since she is from a hatchery, she is not an ameraucana. She is simply a mix that more closely resembles ameraucanas than do most EEs.
If you do what Dipsy said, the proof would be in the chicks, but tht means you'd have to get what you KNOW to be a brown red male from a breeder to try it. To me, she looks similar to a brown red, but doesn't look exactly like a brown red, but I'm no expert on that color. Of the thousands of EEs from Ideal (feedstore buys tons of them every year), I've never seen a brown red. Be cool if she was, though.
Are her eggs a true blue? Or is there a little bit of green in them? If they are a true blue, it might be worth the money and effort to see if you could mate her with a certified americauna male. You might just have gotten a great deal on your chick.

Good luck, and if you do, keep us informed!
I know that lots of EEs do lay blue eggs, not green. HenHaven had an EE from a hatchery in California who laid the most beautiful blue eggs, but she was very much an EE. Nothing wrong with that and I bet you love those blue eggs!
Thanks for the info. I had been reading that EE's never had a true blue egg. I have 4 EE hens who will start laying in a few months..... I will hold out some hope now. Thanks!
I breed brown red Ameraucanas and her coloring in not brown red. I will try to get some photos of my girls to show the difference. She is very beautiful, just not Brown Red.
Photo of brown red ameraucana courtesy of the Ameraucana Breeders Club. She is similar but not a brown red.


Her body type is wrong also; her back appears too long and her tail carrage is wrong also.

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