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Oct 30, 2012
Wichita ks
Hi, I'm a southern country boy who now lives in the big city of Wichita Ks after completing my Masters course work. I am a sucker for the farm life even though its hard work i really enjoy it. Since I don't have farm land here, I'm deciding to bring the farm to the city. I haven't raised chickens before just cows, horses, goats rabbits and dogs. I'm going to try to raise chickens in my back yard. I don't have chickens or a coop yet but I'm going to build one or buy a coop... Probably build one I'm very good with my hands ( Free Scrap Wood and old equipment Appreciated ) LOL.... Chickens: after doing my research, I want dual purpose layers Rhode Island Reds and Sussex then in a few years I'll get meat birds (Broilers). please feel free to introduce yourself because I feel like i might need a Chicken Mentor... I have Raising chickens for dummies, building chicken coops for dummies as books and a couple other chicken coop building books.... once Again HELLO all look forward to hearing from you.
I lived at Kellogg and Rock and had them for a year before I moved. I had all Rhode Island Reds that I raised from chicks. I would recommend to you though looking for chickens that are 8 months to 1 1/2 years old. This way you will get eggs immediately instead of raising from chicks and having to wait 8 mo. Or so before you get eggs. Look on Craigslist there are a lot for sale. I also got 1 rooster which is illegal in the city but oh well. Last I checked it is only legal to have 6 hens but i had more than that. Rhode Island are great ! I also had 2 grey chickens can't remember what there called but they did great as well. If you think you can get away with getting a rooster I would cause they protect the flock especially from living in the city with all the cats running around I had a major cat problem but never got my chickens because of the rooster. If you have a dog and he ever gets and kills one of your chickens hang that chicken on his collar and make him drag it around all day he shouldn't kill any more chickens. Your coop I would just build one that way you can build it the way you like. When you get your chickens leave them in there for a week straight and after that if your yard is fenced in you can let the rome and they will stay close. Oh and real important make sure they always have clean water helps with there egg laying a lot. Hope this helps.
If you look for the thread titled consolidated Kansas in this section you will find all of us from Kansas. There are many of us from the Wichita area. Just come on over and introduce yourself. there are many knowledgeable people over there that can help you with anything you have questions about!

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