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Apr 23, 2015
Ballard, West Virginia
From what I've read scratch is bad for chicks I've got 16 chicks 31/2 weeks old and two have been constipated have been treating them and thought we were on road to recovery to wake up this morning to a screaming chick this ones poo is hard with white stuff I feed the medicated chick starter and probiotics in water could the scratch have caused the problem
Is the poo stuck to the butt? Is the vent blocked? If so, this is pasty butt and needs to be cleaned up as soon as noticed. I would look more towards brooder temp as a cause for constipation/dehydration/dry poo issues. At 3 1/2 weeks old, the hottest part of the brooder only needs to be around 75-80 degrees and the weather is warming up to that so you have to juggle the heat lamp between day and night.

Where the chicks given some grit to help grind up the scratch? Otherwise, I would think the seeds would pass through. I don't think 3 weeks is too soon for a little scratch but like I said, they need grit to go with it.
No it's not patsy butt its she is having trouble passing the poo was doing good till this morning they are in my house so do they even need the heat lamp and I've had these two separate from the other 14 these two are smaller smaller than the others
Assume the chick is both constipated and dehydrated and treat for those two conditions.

If the chick is eating okay, mix up a wet batch of chick feed and stir in a tablespoon of olive oil or mineral oil. Get it to eat that and it should make it feel better. If it refuses the wet food mix, you NEED to get some oil into it in order to break up the constipation. Do it by dripping drops of oil into its beak with an eye dropper or syringe.

Try to get it to drink water by dipping its beak in water, or you can use the eye dropper or syringe to place drops of water on the side of its beak, which it will then suck in.

Yes, it's possible the scratch was responsible for this, and shouldn't be fed to chicks without the addition of grit. Ordinary dirt will do the trick.
I going to try the olive oil she has been eating and drinking they was outside must of the day Sunday and she was doing great it's possible that she got too hot. I've got the two smaller chicks separate in a large tote I would like to return them to the others in the larger pin I made from a kids pool and plastic mesh

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