will a white Araucanas from blue egg


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Dec 16, 2008
bred with a Bared rock and marans hens produce sex linked chicks with the boys being bared and the girls not? I know a black or dark roo would but not sure about a pure white one???

I know I will get olive eggers from the mix.

I am still trying to figure this all out

also can light Brahmas produce sexlinks at all?
It depends on the genes that the white is hiding. If the bird is dominant white (sorry, not sure which is the more common white for araucanas) then approximately half or all his offspring will inherit the gene, depending on whether he caries one copy or two. If recessive white, then all will inherit a copy of the gene, but not display (unless the mother also carries a copy of recessive white).

You are correct in that sons will inherit the barring gene from their mother. Whether the genes inherited from their father or from a combination of both parents allow those genes to display is another matter.

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