Will chickens affect peacock fertility


Jul 25, 2016
I've read that if a peacock can see other peacocks they will fight to see whose prettier and forget about their hens. I have a chicken coop right next to my peacock aviary and my cock displays for the chicken almost as much as he does for the peahen. This year we were lucky and got 5 out of 5 eggs hatching. In future years could that be different?

I'm by no means a peafowl expert since I just started on them this year, but I doubt it. Many people keep multiple peacocks together with their hens and that doesn't affect fertility so I don't see why chickens would. You'd get more informed answers if you post in the peafowl section though :)

I don't know either. Just want to say hi! You will find info on one of the threads..type in the search bar. :)

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