Will future babies have feathered feet? PIC!!!


14 Years
Nov 11, 2008
Vicksburg, MS
Hey everyone I have this male fantail x hungarian giant and am wanting to breed him to an american fantail to get more of the "fans" back in my birds tails. As you know, american fantails don't have feathered feet, but I really like feathered feet, so if i breed this male (you can see he has very heavy foot feathering) Will his babies have a pretty good amount of foot feathering?

Also, since he is half fantail (his mom was an indian fantail) and I breed him to an american fantail, will their babies have more of a fan than their dad?

Here is the male I am talking about

Getting Another Indian Fantail Would Be My Choice As You Are Wanting Muffs And American Fantail Do Not Have Muffs You Will Get Some Grouse Legged Birds Which Are Not Muffs As The Tail It Will Be A Matter Of Breeding And See What You Get Almost Like The Muffs Just What I Have Seen In Crosses But It Is Fun To See What You Get
It really depends on the lineage of the birds. If they are quite homozygous (meaning they have very few recessive genes and what you see is what you'll get) then you've got a good chance of getting similar looking birds from a breeding. If they come from parents who look very different to them then it's very unlikely this one's offspring will look anything like it.
Yes, the tail will improve. But I agree, if you want feathered legs, then I'd go with Indian fantails instead of american fantails. The babies may have some feathering down the legs but not likely as well feathered as dad.

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