Will moles steal duck eggs???


Aug 26, 2019
My ducks all lay in the same nesting spot. Every morning I go out to get the eggs and all of them are in a pile in this indent (almost like a small crater) in the ground. Ive noticed that the indent has slowly gotten bigger and deeper. Ive seen the signs of moles around the duck coop before and I went though a period where we didn't get any eggs for a while. Does anyone know if moles could steal duck eggs? Could a gopher be responsible for it?
I read somewhere that squirrels will also take eggs. I doubt a mole could though. Rats yes as @sourland mentioned and minks and weasels and birds like crows. I guess really there are a lot of critters who would eat eggs and many will eat ducks too if they are left unattended. Especially over night.
Snakes will absolutely take eggs! I've seen black snakes in our yard with a series of lumps after eating eggs. And squirrels. (Snake eating squirrels, not squirrels eating eggs.)

In case you've never seen a mole mouth, we caught this guy in our yard earlier this year. I can't imagine he could eat an egg. I doubt he could see eggs to steal them either. KIMG1110.JPG

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