Will my hen sit on her eggs?


11 Years
Jun 16, 2009
Salisbury, NC
I have a partridge showgirl hen and birchin roo. This is her third egg. She's never laid before. I wrote the date she laid it on the egg and put a black paint dot on it. She just looked at it she might be sitting now but idk.

Another ?

Why was there blood when she laid her first egg ever.
Well if she just started laying, I would not be too concerned with the blood. Just keep an eye out to see if the blood stops soon ( I assume it is just a small amount or even brushed looking effect of blood on the egg). And if she is not broody, she will not sit on the eggs, they have to want babies before they will sit. You will know if she does, she will sit in the nest and not come off, only to eat, drink, poo, and cluck about a few moments. And nobody better even think about taking her eggs cause she will puff up and give you the velociraptor sound if you do ....Mad chicken. Be patient she may or may not ever go broody. She is really young yet too.

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