Will my hens get used to the rooster?


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Aug 10, 2010
One of my last two chicks turned out to be a rooster - a beautiful silver laced wyandotte. He became Huey because he is so awkward. His nest mate, a production red, doesn't object to his affections, but two of my other hens are terrified of him. My RIR has taken up sport of helping the roo mount the hens, and my matriarch Cochin has started to intervene to protect her sisters. It is major drama in the run for almost two weeks. I was hoping they could all just get along but not sure if that will happen.
How long does it take for them to adjust to having a rooster around? He is not aggressive, just amorous.
You might try pulling your rooster out for a week. One of my hens was terrified of a rooster she had been raised with once they got older. She would go to the corner of the pen and stick her head in the corner and just stay there. I went into the pen to see if she was sick or injuried and when I picked her up she didn't protest (she was not normally very tame) She seemed fine so I put her down and she went back to the corner to hide. I kept a eye on what was going on. No one seemed to be getting picked on but, for some reason she was scared of the rooster. I went back into the pen and she ran straight to me and jumped up on my shoulder and wouldn't get down. I took the rooster out of the pen for a week to let the hens re-group and make sure the hens where getting along. I then added the rooster back in and they are all fine. Watever changed she is no longer scared of the rooster. Might help yours.
Thanks. I'll figure out a way to separate him though it might traumatize his nestmate a bit. Who knew chickens were the inspirition for Peyton Place!:D
Yes they all have their own little personalities. Some good, some
Good Luck : )
But I'm wondering if hens eventually come to accept, if not enjoy, the attentions of a rooster?
Will the frightened hens learn to accept this from him, or will they always be terrified?
I don't want to see them traumatized, and will let him go if they can't adjust.
Any one have experience with this type of adjustment?
It usually helps if you have more hens, then the rooster has a bigger harem and he's not so demanding of just a few. I had one rooster that went to freezer camp because he was really mean to some of the hens. He would just peck at them, like a bully and moving them to a bigger run didn't help so, I kept a different rooster for the girls. They like the new guy and they all seem happy now. I guess I'm saying sometimes time will fix it, sometimes you can fix it to make it work and sometimes you just can't.
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