Will my rooster be aggressive?


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Apr 6, 2014
I just came home with 6 baby chicks. We were only meant to get 4 but some how ended up with 6....
We have a cinnamon queen rooster who is 10 days old and I would like to know if this is a known aggressive breed or not.
It's what the lady told me. She had all her roosters in a different area so she went to get one for me and told me he was a 10 day old Cinnamon queen.
In general I've found rooster temperment to be an individual thing. You'll have to see how he matures.

Now, did she get these from a hatchery or was she hatching from her own flock of cinnamon queens? If they are from a hatchery all but one should be reddish in color and the lone male should be white.
She hatches them all herself. She gave me a mixture of breeds. He is kind of whitish, I also have one Rhode Island red, one black cooper maton, and either 1or 2 whandotte and 1 or 2 golden comet's. I can't remember which breed is which on them two. I will take a photo of them and post it on here :)

In regards to the Rooster, is it just a case of what and see how he is once the hormones kick in or are there other ways to keep him nice?

Here they are! They were running about earlier but seems they have all collapsed in a heap for a sleep! The photo actually makes him look orange! But his feathers appear lighter.

I just got my first video uploaded of them and you can see their colours better. :) I really hope HE really is a HE now! hahaha.
Which one is supposedly a he? The two red chicks look like some type of generic red (RIR, New Hampshire, production red) or red sex link. What kind of comb does the dark chick have? Black copper Marans have single combs and feathered legs. I don't think that chick has leg feathering. Not sure what the light yellow/white chicks are.
The rooster is the biggest of them all. He is the first out of the box in the video and he is all stretched out on the left in the photo. He is the only one that is beginning to grow real feathers, the others are all really fluffy still.
Thank you for all your information.
The largest chick is just older, that's all. I would guess he/she is about 2 weeks old. Cockerels actually tend to feather in more slowly than pullets. What kind of combs do the light chicks have?
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