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Will pullets keep chicks warm?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Demosthine, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Demosthine

    Demosthine Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 26, 2012
    Phoenix, Arizona
    My wife promised a 12-year old friend that he could choose a chick to add to our flock once he got out of the hospital. Well, he gets out this Friday and we want to keep good on her promise. We currently have three 8-week pullets that are nicely feathered that have been outside in the coop for the last month. They are doing great and show no signs of being cold. They roost together at 24" up and have been free-ranging during the morning.

    If we picked up three day-olds and added them, generally, will the pullets help keep them warm and roost down where the chicks are or are the chicks on their own? This weekend was the first weekend it got cold and it dropped off pretty quickly. We bottomed out at 36* last night, which is fairly rare here, period, much less this early in to winter.

    I've searched a lot and there's plenty about broody hens keeping them warm, but none of mine are layers yet. There are also a lot of recommendations on keeping the girls inside until 8-weeks, but they are much farther North than us. I can't find anything referring to pullets playing Mama Hen.
  2. Lots A Cluckin

    Lots A Cluckin Chillin' With My Peeps

    Feb 28, 2012
    The 8 week olds will most likely peck the chicks until they are really bad hurt or dead...you should never put chicks below the age of 8 weeks in with older chickens....and no they will not keep them warm the pullets couldn't care less about how the chicks feel....because they do not have the instinct to mother yet
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2012
  3. jak2002003

    jak2002003 Overrun With Chickens

    Oct 24, 2009
    The pullets will not keep the chicks warm or take care on them in any way. At best they will ignore the new chicks, and at worst they will kill them out of aggression.

    Only a broody hen will keep chicks warm.

    You need to get a brooder box set up if you want to raise some chicks.
  4. Demosthine

    Demosthine Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 26, 2012
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Thanks guys. That's what I thought. I have the brooder box I can set up really easily inside. I just need more of the bedding. When I took my pullets out to put in the coop, the bedding went with. I'll try to convince my wife to wait until the first of the year, or a bit later. I'd rather not have them in the house that long to get them all the way through winter.

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