will she KILL them or will their cousins kill them? (did I mess up?)

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    OK, newbie.

    Turk (8 month old Astrolorp) has been broody for 4+ months. Gave her some EE eggs to sit on in pity, but didn't think they'd hatch as she managed to dump a gallon of (tied up!!!) water on them one day.

    So ordered her 15 more chicks.

    And of course...the EE eggs hatched. She's been a great mom.

    Today, the Meyer chicks came. Kinda spooky as the 5 Wyandottes are soooo tiny they look like hummingbirds in fur coats. [​IMG]

    The 10 EE chicks look like 4 day old chicks to me: almost as big as my 9 day old ones.

    I had PLANNED on getting my other 'Lorp broody hen and giving her the newbies, but since the chicks came early I didn't have the brooder ready. Booted Turk out of the old brooder, stuck her 6 chicks she'd hatched in a kennel. She went ballistic, so to calm her down once I got the box of new chicks open I showed them to her: she right away acted like, "Those are mine too: GIMME!"

    So I did. Will she all of a sudden wise up that they're not hers and kill them? Will the 9day old chicks she'd hatched already kill them?

    Think I should seperate the itty bitty ones (5 Wyandottes...that really look like dots, and the smallest EE), and give them to the other broody hen?

    Advice? Thank you in advance...it's been 45 minutes and it seems sorta ok out there. They're all eating and drinking except maybe the smallest dot. (I've got grogel, organic starter, and about to head out there with homeade organic yogurt)
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    It's kinda anybody's guess what is liable to happen.... But, if she willingly took to the new chicks, I would presume that she will probably continue to do okay with them. I would be a little nervous about the older chicks picking on the younger perhaps.... Dunno.
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    does she free range ?

    the younger chicks won't keep up with the older chicks for awhile. She may go dragging them all off on an adventure and the smaller babies will fall behind, get lost/cold, etc...

    My broodies take their babies to all corners of the yard, but they wait til they can handle the trip (usually). A nine day old chick, at my house, would be roaming the yard freely with Mama clucking them along like a battle sargent.

    I'd watch them, and make sure they are covered tonight by Mama.

    If they are cooped, or in a coop/run, then they should be fine - but still, I'd keep an eye on them and check them frequently.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    When I went out with the yogurt, most of the grogel (half package) was gone, and I saw most of them drinking.

    But as you say...the bigger ones started picking on the little ones even though it's a 5ftx3ft brooder.

    Seperated the smallest six of the new chicks and tossed the other broody in...not sure if she's freaking over the low ceiling height of the other brooder, or being back in her original coop, or the chicks but she's not having anything to do with them.

    I can babyproof some other options but was trying to have them brood in the insulated big coop: it's going to be in the 40's tonight. I dunno...if she's not sitting on them in another few minutes I think I should put a lamp on them while I get another brooder that maybe makes her happy.

    I've been trying to break her of broodiness too, but she's almost naked underneath: she yanks feathers out every day and carefully fluffs them around her golf balls. [​IMG]
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    Dec 4, 2008
    Carson City, NV
    Update: Turk, the original broody seemed to be fine with all 15 new chicks. But her older chicks were VERY snotty to the new babies...and the little tiny Wyandottes couldn't have taken too many more pecks to their tiny heads.

    So, I seperated them. The other practically naked Austrolorp who's been brooding for months refused them: she walked on them and would peck them when they tried to crawl under her.

    Put them under a heat lamp. Unfortunately, that took 3 hours as the hired guy apparently stole all of my equipment. But, they are eating/drinking/pooping.

    I think it was a little cold out there as they were huddled in the morning so I think I'm going to go with either two lamps or possibly put a towel over the cage.

    Thanks for the feedback. Babies are adorable but man...scary!

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