Will some kind soul pls post links on how to make a PVC waterer/feeder


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Mar 5, 2009
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I've been using the search function for awhile trying to find "pvc tutorial" or "pvc how to" and I'm not finding any good tutorials for how to make a pvc waterer and pvc feeder. I'm home-improvement-challenged, so I really need a good tutorial for how to make these. I have three chickens and the mess they make from eating is off the charts. There has got to be a better way than the typical red and white hanging waterer and feeder that we got from the feed store when they were chicks. I think a DIY PVC setup would be perfect for us, but I'm not sure where to start.

Is a feeder really as simple as getting a some pipe with a bend, a cap and a bracket to attach it to the coop???

I haven't found a great way to water them yet... still searching.

My feeder is a 3' length of 4" PVC with a 90 degree elbow on the end and a 45 degree elbow attached to that. No glue, just hammered together. I used two different sized drill bits of make a sort of keyhole opening in the back and then put two screws in on the coop walls and hung the feeder on them. I also used a piece of strapping to keep it stable. Pretty simple! Not sure how the waterer works.



Hope that helps a little. I think if you put PVC Feeder in the search you'll get a lot of people's versions of it.
What do you folks do for water? I see in one picture that you have a Mason Jar connected to a waterer tray...Is that all you do. I am getting ready to bring my girls home (5 BO's about 9 weeks). Someone told me I need a 5 gallon supply of water, is that necessary? I know I will be hanging out with them everyday so would a little Mason jar waterer be fine?
How much water will 5 hens go through in a day?
5 hens will go through SO much water. I have a gallon waterer and they can empty it in about a day and a half - and I have three hens. Keep in mind we live in Florida and the heat index was 96 yesterday (yes, I'm aware it was the first day of Fall

We have pellets so I'm hoping the PVC feeder will work for pellets... we want to go on vacation next month and will have a chicken-sitter, but I'd like to know that they have an extra safe supply of water and I don't like the set-up we have now.

Does a PVC pipe waterer exist? Or is it always some modification of the upside down bucket and tray deal?
I made myself the same feeder as simplyforties, I put a cap on mine. I had a probem with "flow" until I expanded the angle at the bottom. I keep an old broom handle out there and when it seems to get jammed I just stick it in the top and everything goes smooth. It works great, holds about 30#s of feed, keeps it perfect dry and fresh and ZERO waste.
If you are construction challenged just print a pic of this and take it down to HD they will help you. And don't glue the parts together - thereis no need.

Once upon a time It thought I saw a similar made waterer but have had no luck finding the post since then.

Thanks for the help everyone! I'm sending the hubby down to the home improvement store today! I'm sooooo ready to be done with the regular hanging feeder.

And yeah - I'm still ISO a cool waterer like the PVC feeder....
I use a nipple waterer. Check out the link in my signature. I have a couple more for sale or you can buy the nipples from qcsupple or teksupply and make your own with any size contaier that you want.

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