Will the manure from a horse treated with this daily wormer hurt or kill my chicken?


Mar 26, 2017
Western Washington State
I have a senior horse who carries an extra high worm load. Our vet recently suggested a daily feed through wormer with Ivermectin every few months. I know the Ivermectin won't hurt my chickens when they pick through his manure, but I am having a hard time finding anything about the Strongid C daily wormer. I will post a link to the item description, and if anybody sees anything that would harm or kill a chicken, please let me know. I had a seemingly healthy hen die suddenly almost two weeks ago. She was fine one evening, and the next morning I found her crouched down on her hocks (not on her side, but laying down on top of her feet as if roosting) out in the middle of our covered run, shivering, comb turning purple-ish. No respiratory issues, no discharge or wheezing. I did an internal check for a bound egg and found nothing. I syringed some water into her and put her under a heat lamp. She died a few hours later. Her sudden death has made me worry it was the wormer. I have 13 month old pullets who will be added to the flock in 2 weeks and am hopeful to solve this mystery before then. Because she died when I was not home and was under a heat source I did not send her in for a necropsy. I did take fecals in to our vet and there was no sign of worms, cocci, or bacteria.

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