Will these pullets ever figure it out?


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Jul 13, 2014
I have two black giant pullets that should have started laying in September, so I'm hoping for eggs any day. My older gals are molting and I'm getting zero eggs
I currently have three coops going (started in May and got bit by the chicken bug!) so these BG pullets are in with a young Roo, a favorelles pullet, and an older EE who is going through a horrendous molt! The thing is, these birds don't sleep on the roost. The other chickens sleep on the roost, but the coop setup makes it almost impossible for me to place them on the roost in the dark. We have done it a few times but the next day they just slept on the floor again. They are starting to look pretty greasy around the neck and I'm guessing it's because I've NEVER seen them dust bathe. Will they ever figure out those are things they should be doing?
They usually do, from observing the adults over time. Just be sure no one is being bullied, keeping them from doing the normal chicken things and give them time.
There is a difference between normal pecking order stuff - a quick peck, a glare (stinkeye) from an older bird is normal. An older bird relentlessly going after one of the younger birds is not normal and should be addressed.
Since your older girls are molting it would be a good idea to place fake eggs (I use golf balls) in the nestboxes, so the young girls know that's the place they should be laying their eggs.

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