Will they RETURN??

If they have been living in the coop for a while then they will come back at dusk (assuming, of course, they don't get eaten by a predator in the meantime).
I let my big ones mine free range and they always go in right before dust..... My 2 little ones are 4 wks and still in garage but I take them out and let them free range... When they get tired they go stand by house and squawk. lol. I agree that if they've lived in coop for a week or so they will go back in at dark.
If they have been sleeping in the same place for 4 weeks now they should return at bedtime. If you are nervous for the first time perhaps let them out in the evening an hour or two before bed and sit in the yard. That way you can watch them go home when its time and they don't have all day to wonder.
Thanks that's just what I'm gonna do! I like to watch them all go to bed anyway. :) missed it yesterday :(

I always watch mine go to bed at night... Lol. I'm sure my neighbors are like she's crazy!! Oh well, they are entertaining!! Lol... When my last one goes in which is ALWaYs Daisy the BO, I close the door so she won't change her mind and come back out... Haha
I made there coop by myself from recycled materials. I still have a few things I need to do as I learn more about them. I've only named the rooster lightning. Nothing for the lady's yet.
Thanks it's a work in progress. :) they did great today. They follow me around like puppy's. It was great, looking forward to letting them out tomorrow afternoon. :)

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