Will they still be viable.???

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    I need some help quick, I put 5 cochin eggs under a hen on Sunday, I just went into the coop to check on here and saw 1 egg out on the floor covered on yolk so I checked under her and there is only 3 left, 2 of which are also covered in yolk, I am thinking she ate one, would they still be ok? Shall I try to clean them off and should I remove them and give them to another broody?
    I have a peking bantam that is broody but I have 8 Orp eggs to give her, can she take them all, making 12 or is that to many for her? I don't have an incubator but I do have another hen who is broody, I just don't usually let her raise chicks cause she is abit mental.
    Sorry for the panicked rant but thankyou for taking the time to help me out

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    SOmetimes the mother will push out a non viable egg or as you said she may be an egg eater. You can gently try to pat the eggs a little drier. I don't know how widely a pekin bantm spreads but I'm guessing up to about 10. So if you really want those cochins you could try putting them under her..
    Good luck

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