Will Toms and Roosters get along in the same coop?

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I am thinking of adding some midget whites to my flock and am wondering if Toms and Roosters can live together. They will sleep in the same coop at night and free range in the day. Thanks
My Midget White tom did until Thanksgiving. He was only 6 months old so I can't say what might have happened later.

I don't put tom turkeys in with the chickens because in the spring they want to breed. When they try to breed a chicken, it ends very badly.
Could you say more about that - what happened? I've got all my chickens and turkeys together. The Tom displays to the female turkeys, but not the chickens. How likely is it that he will hurt my chickens?

My roosters get along fine with the Tom, by the way - so far. The roosters range in age from 2 years to 22 weeks, the Tom is 22 weeks.

I have several Buff Orpington cockerels on their way to the freezer next week. The turkeys and BOs all grew up together and are 22 week old. The BOs are trying to mount the female turkeys, and those girls are kinda beating up the BOs and making them cry. Is that a taste of what's to come with the Tom? Or, like with chickens, do the girls tend to be bigger bullies than the boys?
my toms never mess with my roosters, but the turkey hens like to take chase after the roosters in the spring for some reason. The only time I have seen my toms go after a rooster is if the rooster my turkey hen was chasing turns around to defend himself. Then the toms will get in the middle occasionally. I would not let that stop you it is very infrequent.
I personally see no reason to try to scare people with a disease that may not even be an issue in their area. Blackhead if an issue can be treated and is not as much of a problem as people seem to make it out to be. IMHO
Like the poster above, it was only my female bourbon reds that harassed my rooster. The toms never seemed to pay him or the chickens any mind. And they (the female BRs) only really bothered the roo when he was mating the chicken hens. I don't think they approved of his "approach."

We don't have blackhead here and the chickens and turkeys didn't seem to spread any diseases back and forth.

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