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  1. tiffanyh

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    Apr 8, 2007
    So this morning I let the roo who I have been integrating into my flock out of his temperary digs. I had a cage within my coop he has been spending days in, then nights into a dog kennel in the shed/barn. (I didnt quarantine, he is one of my chicks hatched in July that my sister in law has had at her house- no mixing with other birds - I am just mixing him back in with my girls now)

    So anyway, I let him out with the girls (he is a splash orp) and the blue andalusians went crazy on him. They are the "low ladies on the totem pole". I expected this but..he just runs away. I thought he'd be a bit more defensive and stand up for himself. Is it because he is young or is he just a mellow roo? Actually I dont know if he even crows yet! Havent heard a peep, but figured it was the new environment.

    Also, I have a bantam roo in the adjoining coop. They kind of "puffed up" a little bit at each other. I usually let everyone free range together, if I give them some time to adjust to one another, do you thing they can successfully free range together one day???

    Thanks! [​IMG]
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    Could be he's just young. My younger roos will run from the older women. When I got my BR Hawkeye, he was already 10 months old, and although never had been with hens that I'm aware of, he took charge of them right away. The Wyandottes wanted a fight and he knocked them down a few rungs immediately.
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    Jan 20, 2007
    I think he will adjust in time. Chickens don't like change, but he will be ok. I would leave him with flock and all will be fine shortly.

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    I think it will work out better for you because he is bowing to them. I think if he was aggressive back, it would be a preview of coming attraction. I think he will be a great rooster because they will have his respect. I had the roo that was born and raised with my girls and he was getting to be a jerk. Then when he was gone, i put my little bantam roo in there and at first i had to rescue him a few times.....the girls showed him he was NOT the boss of them!!!! Then after a few intro's....they got used to him. Now he is very sweet....lets them eat first....watches over them while they eat when i bring treats. The one i sent to the farm would walk on the girls heads to take food from them....wicked jerk.
  5. tiffanyh

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    Apr 8, 2007
    Well, that good news. I really like him! Im suprised I like my two roos so much! I never wanted them but now that I have them I dont want to part with them!

    Here is Rooey Roo ( I know, very original). He was from a straight run group I got-only roo out of all of them! He is a porcelain OEGB.

    I dont have a pic of Charlie P. yet (my splash orp roo).

    Thanks for the advice everyone! This are going a bit smooth but he is still getting chased a bit but they are leaving him be a bit more. I let them free range alone yesterday so he could have sometime by himself. Im looking forward to having him for a bit of free range warning/protection.

    Thanks again.
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