Wing clipping


11 Years
Apr 30, 2011
What I want to know is: once I have clipped those primary feathers, when they molt will they come back? And then I'll need to clip them again correct? (anually, if indeed that's true...).
Okay, so I know 'to clip or not to clip' is a very contentious topic in the Parrot World.

I never even considered clipping my lil chickies. But, someone recently mentioned they will be clipping their chickens.
I'm not looking to start any arguments, just wanting to hear everyone's thoughts on the pros & cons of chicken wing clipping.

What is the consensus round here about clipping?

I clip them to keep them in my fenced yard. I clip both sides. I have dogs in the backyard that protect them from predators. If they jump the fence, they can no longer be protected anymore. They are significantly safer in my backyard (5 fenced acres) then on the wrong side of the fence.

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