Winter Molting behavior changes


8 Years
Aug 12, 2011
Hermosa, South Dakota
I have three pullets (one Buff Orpington, my New Hampshire and one of my Amercaunas) who are molting. It seems like most of the molting is taking place around the neck area. Two of these three are usually very friendly and active, but lately they have stayed a lot in the coop on the roosting bars, not wanting to spend a lot of time outside (it has been a little cold here at times in South Dakota so I don't blame them). They have also seem tired and moody and don't eat as much. They will eat if I hand feed them, but will rarely eat with the others. I have been giving them more protein and even some yogurt. It has been about a month since they started molting. Any suggestions? This is my first molting phase.
Thanks in advance!
Inuslatory value of feathers during molt is reduced making if harder for them to stay warm. Instead of yogurt, try supplementing diet with BOSS and scratch grains but do not do so at expense of the quality formulated feed. If not already done, place a couple flakes of hay in coop for a diversion and potentially warm place to stand. Make certain adequate grit is present.

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