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Jul 14, 2015
This will be our first winter with our babies (2 pekins) is there anything I need to be aware of or change for them for the colder months? From what I have read they seem to be hardy creatures.

Also, I have not gotten an egg from my female in about 5 days. She was laying consistently prior to now. I read something about their laying habits differ in the winter? Should I be concerned?
Always good to be sure, but if it's gotten colder, that can stop laying. Just watch her for any signs of discomfort, walking stiffly, tail pumping, any of that.


Some ducks are more sensitive to the cold than others - so you need to know your ducks - watch for signs of chilling - I need to keep the flock above 40F at night, due to some not-so-cold-hardy flock members. Daytime, if it's sunny they can often be out in 25F weather, at least for a few hours.

If you have to leave them in or out all day and it's going to be below freezing, remember ducks can die from hypothermia.
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