winter rest for hens


8 Years
Feb 25, 2011
want to give hens a Jan. is a good time to put the roosters in a seperate pen ... does else do this? I am not interested in hatching eggs right now and you don't need a rooster for eggs....does this sound like an ok thing to do? Just wondering I read a lot about putting a light in the coop but nothing about giving them a rest...what do you think? We have 4 roosters and 36 hens...
I don't necessarily give them a rest, but I don't add supplemental lighting to encourage egg laying either. Some of the girls lay a few here and there and some don't. I just let them do their thing.
Yep, I don't give my hens a break from the roosters. The roosters I have/had aren't all that ut-hum "active" in the wintetime anyhow. My girls do get a break from the biggest stress to their bodies - egglaying - because I don't force production with the additon of artifical lighting.
I have never heard of that, unless there was a health reason.....
Do your hens have bare spots from too much attention? Are the roosters rough with the hens? Those are the only reasons I can think of to separate the males.

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