Winter water


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7 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Hi all, I have water nipples in the bottom of a 2.5 gl bucket. I have seen some of you say you used fish tank heater to keep them from freezing. So I looked at them and bought this one
I got it and read in the directions that it should not be used in below freezing temps. Can someone be more specific as to which fish tank heater you use. Water was frozen this morning and need to get something hooked up.
I too am having this problem, and I really want to keep using my nipple waterer in the winter. I just need a heater I can put in it. Can someone please recommend a specific fish tank heater or bird bath heater that will work outside in a nipple waterer? (mine's 5 gallon)

I'm in Massachusetts so it's not like it gets bitterly cold most of the winter, but our overnight temps are generally 15-25 degrees.
No frozen water this morning!

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